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Local Nepali peanut have been grown over generations at Khotang: a mountain district at the foot of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. Our peanut butter, “SANCHAI” is made entirely from these peanuts, filled not only with rich flavors, but also with the dreams of our farmers and the blessing of mother earth.


Peanut Butter

Made in Nepal

“SANCHAI” has a full body of aroma and a rich flavor. We strive to make this peanut butter “the taste of Nepal” throughout the world.

peanut butter with sugar
Peanut Butter
Ingredient: Peanut, Brown sugar,
​Himalayan salt, Organic spice
peanut butter sugar free
Peanut Butter Sugar Free
Ingredient: Peanut, ​Himalayan salt, Organic spice
Nepali Farmer

Local Peanut
​made in Khotang

Khotang, in eastern Nepal near the world's highest peak, is a mountainous region with an altitude of 1500 to 1800 m.

Khotang has a dry land, so peanut agriculture is suitable to that area because of the good drainage. Due to a high altitude, only a small amount is acquire from one seedling and the energy is store firmly in each peanut. With this peanut, which is a local primitive species that has been delivered down in this place for many years, with no external breeding, you can enjoy the rich flavor of the Himalayan's great nature.

Nepali Farmer

No Pesticides or Additives

In Khotang, agriculture have been done in a traditional agricultural style that do not use pesticides. Thanks to the method, the land has protected as it is. We take care of the land carefully and partner with farmers to aim for cultivating high-quality peanuts while

studying organic farming methods.

To preserved the original flavors of the peanut, we do not add fat or any additives to the product. For raw materials other than peanut, we use organic spices from Nepal, which consist of Himalayan salt, brown sugar and do not put any other ingredients. It is a safe product for your body and soul, and full of good natural energy.
(※)The oil on top of the product is proof that it has no additives. Please mix the product before using, since it is high quality oil.


Handmade by Professional

Handmade carefully by professionals.

Based on the original recipe researched many times, we developed a rich flavor that is not found elsewhere. We will committed to roasting and blending, and always maintaining high quality. It is because of this, and only this, that we are able to make the perfect balance. We use the triple checked whole peanuts luxuriously.

Our factory with thorough hygiene control, and staff with professional mindsets, produce the product. We promise to deliver safe and reliable products.




Le Sherpa Farmers Market

(Every Saturday Morning)


Farmshop Nepal Chundevi


Himgiri Organic Hub


Nina & Hager Balwatar


French Bakery

+977 1-5351998

Marriott Hotel



Farmshop Nepal Jhamsikel


Nepal Ganesha


Fuji Bakery


Ninas & Hager Grocer




SANCHAI’s factory is in a mountainous area located near Mount Everest. It is a remote area with insufficient water and electricity supplies.

Eleven women, who lived their entire life Khotang, work in the factory. There was only small jobs for housekeeping and farm work before working in the factory. Now, that they have a salary for the first time, they are passionate to evolve, and they better themselves everyday. With confident expression, sometimes dignified, sometimes laughing, their working attitudes resemble beautiful wild flowers blooming in the lands of Khotang.

Hearing them say that “We have changed” in such confidence, pushes us to believe that there are strong women all around the world that need a small push to change their world greatly. SANCHAI’s peanut butter are both their honor, and embodiment of the strength they hold.




The world still has areas and regions that were leftout in the era of industrialization. And, sometimes, there are unseen treasures still untouched, left by nature. There, we see value from different point of views, tales of people involved, things that add even more value to the product.

While on the path to spread the treasures among the world, we will to create a chance to enrich the lives of the people.

What is a “happy life”? There is no correct answer to this, but watching those who love work, enjoy each and everyday, and are so proud of who they’ve become, gives us an idea of what that maybe.

SANCHAI aims to deliver amazing products and amazing stories to people around the world.

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